James counted the steps along the pavement to school. Three steps between each paver. Two and a bit if he extended his stride.
“Come on James! Hurry up,” called Mrs Prosser, some distance ahead.
James ran along to catch up with the old lady.
“Mrs Prosser,” he exclaimed,” I can walk three steps between the lines! Watch!”
He walked in front of her, counting as he stepped.
“Be careful James, Don’t step on the cracks! You’ll break your mother’s back!”
She smiled and laughed.
James stopped and turned to look at her.
“I’m always careful Mrs Prosser,”
He slid his polished shoe, toe first, towards the thin gap between the pavers.
He lifted his foot and held it above the line, his eyes fixed on the old lady’s.
“I’m always careful Mrs Prosser,” he repeated as he stamped his foot.
“That’s why dear Mummy is still so poorly, and you are walking me to school.”