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So I have had this blog for years but have been neglectful (read busy) and have let all my writing slide into oblivion.
I had an epiphany today (and then I flushed the toilet- thanks my Babinyu) about how I can write.
I have been looking for a reason to extricate myself from the soul-sucking platform of Farcebook and it’s mindless addiction.
I can quite happily write on there daily but I get little satisfaction from it and feel I lose many (many) hours to its vacuum.
I used to post on my blog short stories and lists of books I was reading but it became harder to maintain the time to create new work and to read new books and just became a reminder of how little I was doing.
Today I was reflecting on how much I post on Farcebook and what I post.
And it dawned on me (tadaaaaaa!) what I can easily blog, if not once a week, at least once a month.
I cannot (much as I’d love to) write short stories and post regularly; my reading, though voracious, is sporadic.
But I cook everyday. I post photos of my creations at least once a month. I love sharing my recipes with friends. I love food.
So there is my answer.
I can return to my dusty and cobweb ridden blog and renew my writing practise with something I know I can contribute to on a regular basis.
I’m not going to go all Donna Hay – I rarely have time to take photos (unless I’ve truly impressed myself and I have time) or give precise measurements or use boutique ingredients. All my cooking is for a growing family of 3 boys often with little time for planning or preparation.
Simple easy food. Usually comfort food. Well pretty much always really.
Mmmmmmmm. Food.