I have been playing on languageisavirus.com . It has many very cool writing prompts and games. I’ve been playing with  the madlib poem generator….

pink man’s pink man

quickly i have never jumped, respectfully beyond
any teapot, your moons have their angry:
in your most round bus are things which shop me,
or which i cannot dance with because they are too effortless

your flat look never will unsoar me
though i have flown myself as screen,
you swim always tissue by tissue myself as victim slips
(cruising simply, tomorrow) her important camera

or if your box be to float me, i and
my lens will talk very foolishly, honestly,
as when the dustbin of this teapot twists
the fish slightly everywhere looking;

nothing which we are to mirror in this ball whistles
the hat of your shy tent: whose typewriter
hums me with the salad of its potato,
scanning zoo and hand with each running

(i do not move what it is about you that cuts
and talks; only something in me sings
the light of your moon is purpler than all victims)
floor, not even the bed, has such bent roads
– Cle & e.e. cummings

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