There is a buzz of excitement at our place. The Milkman has only one day of work left. After tomorrow he downs tools, we spend the long weekend together and then I (as you know) return to work and The Milkman will henceforth be known as Stay Home Dad  or, as I like to call him, My House Bitch.

This is going to be fabulous for the littlest boys. Soon to be 3 Year Old is very happy at the thought of playing with Dad all day and our One Year Old Mummy’s Boy (birthday yesterday!) will adjust in time.

MHB is ecstatic because he gets to spend the next 3  years with his sons before they go to school. He has been counting the days for this!

As a self-proclaimed Anti-Domestic Goddess I  am excited because MHB is far more house-proud than I. The house will be clean. No more floordrobe, clear kitchen benches. It’s not going to know what hit it.



Everybody wins.