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A friend of mine, whom I am joining on a Grand cruise, told me I can’t say the”S” word. That word, relating to water craft, that rhymes with pink. That word, relating to sea-going vessels, that is another word for basin.
So, I thought, it’s going to be like that is it? I also got thinking about maritime superstitions.
Being the salty old swashbuckling sea dog that I am I know many a sea-faring superstition… ahem; two in fact. Women on board are bad luck. Well. Everyone got their water-wings handy?..How many broads are aboard????
The other one I know …which I found out whilst living in the deep north of Western Australia, was you DO NOT take bananas on a fishing trip. You will not catch fish. Bad Juju.
So I visited the trusty internet and had a look at what all the fuss about the “S” word was….
Now I’m not going to steal another man’s thunder so visit this site  by Failed Success and read to your heart’s content about bananas, flat footed redheads and flowers on board ship.

While you read we will have a brief break with some cool, nay, ROCKIN’, entertainment from the funkiest dude in on the swingingest street… look out for the groover on the balcony. The boy has MOOOOOVES.

So I’ve not been completely convinced about the ‘S’ word but to placate my friend I will not utter THAT word. Nor shall I eat bananas, whistle or step on the boat left foot first.
However…I am really looking forward to hearing the words “Good Luck!”…..POW! Right in the kisser.
Oh, and by the way… I’m not saying the ‘D’ word either…. that one that rhymes with ground…

Yes! We have no bananas!

Yes! We have no bananas!