You all know The Incredibles. You’ve heard of Superman. You’ve read The Phantom. You’ve watched Spiderman. You could probably list at least half a dozen or more Super heroes with a variety of super powers.

Allow me to introduce a new kid on the block…..

Reverse Osmosis Boy

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

 Don’t be fooled; that gorgeous gummy grin hides a super power that can bring a grown man, sobbing, to his knees.

It is frightening; One moment everything is fine. Everything is DRY. Everything is CLEAN. You blink. That’s all it takes. And your world has changed. Everything is wet. Everything is covered in poo. And Reverse Osmosis Boy lies there amidst it all smiling his super smile ( see Exhibit A).

You may be wondering what super powers I possess.

I am Mummy.

Enough said.