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railway xmas tree

I would like to introduce you to a game I play with The Milkman, my Groovy Sister and my Big Little Brother.
It can be played at home or out and about.
If playing at home you can use magazines (TV mags are perfect) or the squinternet.
If playing out and about shops (of any type) are good.
The object of this game is to find the tackiest, gaudiest, least attractive object and say to your friend/victim “You want this for your birthday.” If you are out shopping you can have hours of fun as you score points trying to out do each other’s bad-taste.
I have tried playing this with my eldest, The Poet, but he’s no fun as he just calls my bluff and replies “Yeah I know.” Even if it’s the Barbie Pretty in Pink Sweet Dreams Disco Diva Camper Van with poseable Play Pals.

This game can be played with clothes, shoes, gift catalogues, CD’s, jewellery; the possibilities are endless. EBay has become the source of many a good laugh.
I will apologise in advance as I am well aware that one man/s trash is another man’s treasure. Feel free to disagree with my gift choices and don’t hesitate to add your own!

* Many thanks to the Bradford Group for their bottomless treasure trove of really noice goodies.

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