Inspired by Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, in which the main character, Rob Fleming, a record shop owner, categorizes his life into Top Fives. However I will not be exploring my top 5 split ups…(I’m happy to say I’ve not had that many!).

Today I’m going to look at

Top 5 Comic Strips*^ 

1. Peanuts… I love Snoopy and Woodstock and poor old Charlie Brown. My Dad had a collection of Peanuts work that I read when I was a kid. I called one of my cats Schroeder… but nobody  could pronounce it and he ended up being called Chicken (but thats another story!)

2. Calvin and Hobbes …..They just make me laugh. And now I’m a parent of small boys….they just make me laugh more. My son has ‘borrowed’ my Calvin and Hobbes books and they are so well loved they are falling to pieces. He likes reading the comics out to me…which loses something in the translation …but it’s cute.

3. Bloom County ……I haven’t read this for years. I was introduced to it towards the end of my high school days by a school mate who’s parents were American. I fell in love with Bill the Cat and Opus and I loved the humour. Oh and I called one of my cats Binkley… I think there may be another list here!

4. Footrot Flats….Loved reading this in the eighties as a British kid new to Australia. Took me a long time to realise it was based in New Zealand!

5. Asterix ….I would read my brother’s books. It was about the only thing he borrowed from the library! I loved the clever names for the characters (Unhygenix the fishmonger!) and the huge feasts always looked delicious!

*Please be advised that this list is no particular order and may become entirely irrelevant from the time of posting. 😉

^I apologise for the total lack of Australian content here… I’m sure there are some funny Australian comic strips somewhere…( does any one know?). Ginger Meggs and Snake just don’t do it for me!