Books: Yesterday I started reading Jackson’s Track written by   Daryl Tonkin and Carolyn Landon . It is very interesting personal history of a now lost Australia and beautifully written.

Writing:  Lots! A Halloween poem (with help from The Poet!) and I have started a short story for him about the dangers of dog walking. Almost halfway through that – just need to sit down and finish it. I have also found the Nanowrimo site – I am keen to have a go and start (or keep going with my Vinnie work…poor dear she’s been out in the cold for a while). but this may be a Nowriye for moi! or a Nowride!

Stuff and Things:  The bump is expanding…I can no longer see my toes (and only just 4 months gone….what will I look like next year?!) Here are some images of the baby, taken at eight weeks then at twelve… quite amazing what technology can do now…

Eight week scan…There is a head and arm and leg buds there!

8 week scan

Twelve week scan knees…top of head…arms. The graph type thing is a read out of its heart rate.

twelve wk scan b

twelve week scan…face ( I think some hands might be infront too…or else its a mini Darth Vader!)

12 week scan a

Probably more apt for the Halloween page. They have a new machine at the hospital ( Gerro is slowly catching up to the new millenium!) and apparently the next scan ( at 20 weeks) is 3D…very wierd.

Anyhoo , all is well and my trusty doc doesn’t want to see me for another month. The nausea seems to be ebbing away but I still love my chocolate thickshakes!