Books: Does the gossip section of the TV guide count???… I think not! Still struggling through the final adventures of the indestructible Mr. Potter.

Writing: Temperance is finished…at long last. I’m not sure I got the ending right… I think Johnathon might have ended up looking…I don’t know… All in all Little Miss T got her just desserts and Jonathon got a good wife. Not sure what’s coming next.

Stuff and Things:  I seem to have time to watch movies. Hmmm …  priorities?? The Milkman and I watched Hot Fuzz  by the same team who made Sean of the Dead (one of my all time favourites). Hot Fuzz didn’t disappoint; very funny, highly recommended.

I am turning ideas over in my mind for Magic Garden ATCs….I’m thinking of just going ahead and making them regardless of whether anyone else is involved…anyone interested?

I started playing Badminton last week….I really enjoyed it but my knees are never going to forgive me. At the best of times they both sound like bowls of rice bubbles and feel like a bag of gravel is stuck inside them … I bought a knee brace this week… hopefully it helps to hold me up and stops my knee from completely self destructing. I’m just going to have to hold back on the speccy runs to the net from the back

Little Blue ( That shocking red hair got a cut last week!) is beginning to sign to us more and more.  His favourites at the moment are hairbrush, dog and star. It is amazing watching him grow and learn.

The Soccer Star scored in the top one percent of his year group in the University of New South Wales Mathematics test. Mum is very proud, especially as her maths skills are rather basic. He is off on an adventure to Chang Mai with his dad next week.  It is his first trip overseas and he is so excited. I’m trying not to worry… maybe he’ll come home with a baby elephant!

The washing machine beckons…hooroo.