Books: This week at Caprice land I have been reading Diane Purkiss’ book Troublesome Things. A most excellent study of fairies and fairy stories. It has helped me get over my initial disdain towards the current writing prompt at Soul Food. These fairies have teeth; sharp pointy teeth ..and they like to eat small children and cause all sorts of woe and misery. Much better than pink tulle, glitter and magic wands. Hehehe. Has given me some food for thought.

Writing: I have a lovely idea for a gruesome Grimm style fairy tale about a insatiably curious tailor’s wife and a mysterious ballgown; a man getting lost in his own house and a person’s long suffering patience with family short comings.

Stuff and Things: I am interested in following up some information I have found about the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck and its links to the Hebrew alphabet and its subsequent meanings – more searching on line for me…ugh, just did a quick google and there is years of reading….might rethink this one, or put it on a back,back,back burner.

I saw the talented stand-up comic Fiona O’Loughlin live this week – wonderful, brilliant, hilarious.

Had my first cinema experience in ….months? …years? …Last night I went to see Pirates of the Carribean 3….. What a blast. Pure entertainment.  Ignore the critics – just watch it and don’t expect anything highbrow.  How much fun would it be to run around in pirate costumes shouting “Batten down the hatches!”. Brilliant.

I loved the scene of the Chinese Junk floating over the starlit sea…. so beautiful…read that in a story somewhere recently!

Best line? “Send this pestilent, traitorous, cowhearted, yeasty codpiece to the brig” hehehe